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Welcome to MINITOWN

MINITOWN is specially designed for parents so you can enjoy and play with your kids on the most special day.
3,000 SQ FT PRIVATE PARTY FACILITY so you never have to worry about planning THE PERFECT PARTY again!

Climbing Wall
Have you ever wanted to be like Spider Man? Do you want to know how does it feel to climb buildings? Want to be part of the SWAT team? Throw yourself from up high… Dare to come to MINITOWN and find out by climbing our buildings!

X-treme Games
(Air Hockey - Basketball - Cars Games)

Why go watch a game at home when you could become part of one? … Come here and play, be a part of the playoffs, feel like the next Wade, race with Schumacher in Formula 1... break the ice, feel the air, be offensive, use your strategy and win the GAME!!

Toddler Zone
What about the little ones? Let them swim in a pool of balls, ride an elephant in the Congo, roar with a lion and move around the World with Thomas the Train.

Video Games
Loosen your hair, wave your head, bump with the beat and perform your own rock concert, play it out loud and give your music to the World. Or if this is not enough, jump in a car, hit the gas, turn 180 degrees and race Mario until the end.

Playground (3000 sq ft private party)
In just one place you could do anything! The fun never ends, slide over and over again, jump off a bridge, climb nets, boxing, dare to be eaten by a snake, jump, run, more?? Just come, see it for yourself, we dare you to use 3000 sq ft completely!!!

All party packages include:

3,000 sq ft private party place

Ultimate climbing wall

Toddler games

Air hockey



Video games -  Wii / PS3

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